Caspar de Kiefte

Trade union official and lawyer

Caspar de Kiefte trained as an animator at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and as a lawyer at the University of Amsterdam. Before working for the Kunstenbond, he worked as a barrister and later as deputy-director at the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film (NIAf). His drive is to improve the negotiating, economic and labour market position of creative professionals. He does this in the field of collective copyright law and through the Labour Market Agenda for CCS (Cultural and Creative Sector) in the Netherlands. He was the driving force behind the successful enabling of collective bargaining for solo self-employed in the Netherlands in 2019. Before co-establishing Platform ACCT (the platform implementing the labour market agenda for the CCS), he was a member of the SER committee (Social Economic Council & Cultural Council) that authored the 'Exploration of Cultural Sector Labour Market' report, followed by the SER advice paper 'Passie Gewaardeerd (Passion Valued)'. These reports led to the current Labour Market Agenda CCS.


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